Victor Schauberger vortex effect in Hydrogen Water Generator





The benefits of hydrogen water are enormous! Fill the jug with water, place it in the console, and choose between two ionization levels on the touch panel: 8 or 15 minutes. Then you can let the water swirl even more. Carbonated water is unsuitable; we recommend filtered water directly from the OBLIGE or EVOLUTION osmosis system.  


Valuable in everyday life, whether in the office, practice, work, or kitchen: the hydrogen water generator is a  real all-rounder. “Hydrogen Water” is not only very digestible,  it can also help flavors to come out more when cooking. When washing fruits and vegetables, hydrogenated water can help thoroughly remove residues. With the Bela Aqua hydrogen generator, you can quickly produce hydrogen-rich water yourself in the future. Two levels enable you to ionize your water medium or substantial depending on your preference. Best suited for still water types. The water is swirled according to the Schauberge vortex principle.

Plus swirl

After the ionization of the water, the water tunneling effect, according to the Schauberger principle

is also possible as an additional process.

Scientifically recommended

Hydrogen has been proven

to be a powerful antioxidant, health, and energy booster

without any side effects.

Integrated light effect

LED lights are

integrated into the hydrogen generator, which shows

as an effective color change that 

the water is currently being ionized.

The material is top quality.

Hydrogen products are

made from BPA/BPS-free plastic

and are subject to rigorous testing,

including for durability.


Water enriched with active hydrogen is an effective antioxidant convincing more and more doctors and scientists. Due to the numerous favorable properties and therapeutic effects on the body, hydrogenated water is increasingly recommended to alleviate symptoms and prevent them.

– Antioxidants protect and repair cells – Regenerate and strengthen your immune system – Oxygen radicals are neutralized – Your energy level and well-being are higher – Supports your body in detoxification – Improves nutrient and vitamin transport – Ensures a fresh appearance and complexion – Healing power without any side effects

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